About Me

Hey there!
I think I know why you are here!
You want to learn more about me eh?

First thing first. I have to introduce myself.

Random Things About Me.

My Name is Tami.

I am 19 going on 20 .
I am currently a college student with a  great love of books.
I talk a lot and I mean a lot! I try not to blog as much as I speak. Or you would be here for hours, days, maybe even weeks. ;)

I have terrible sweet tooth but I have  it under control ( I think) . Many know me for frequently commenting on pictures of food ( I really love desserts). Oh yeah I'm a horrible cook so you can tell why I am so addicted . ( Don't be surprised when you see food inspired book reviews...)

I am very hyper active being. Yes thats what my friends like to describe me as HYPERACTIVE BEING. Because I am an entity unto myself.0o

I love writing and reading . Maybe not up to publishing a book or comparing to such great authors out there. But I love writing on my spare time. It makes me happy.

This is the music I listen to when I either write or read.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com


I cant say I have always been avid reader but what I can say is that reading grew on me. I have always found reading exciting, comforting, and  a world unto its own. I created this blog to share my love of reading with everyone and enter into the book blog community which is like a family to me.  I am currently in college and with all stress that comes with life and succeeding I love how I can crawl in a corner of th library with a good book go off into world with no stress and unlimited imagination...

I love to all  read YA novels especially  fantasy ones. I also like reading romance novels as well (my guilt pleasure) and love reading action adventure. I absolutely adore historical fiction. I am not a fan of mystery for the most part . And anything else I can read as long it has a good storyline.

I mostly review on YA titles and the occasional adult fiction as well. As long as it has words I will read it so be forewarned!

 I am a book addict and I admit I have a problem. But don't we all?

Favorite Books/Series
Vampire Academy
The Iron Fey Series
Ella Enchanted
Harry Potter
Beautiful Creatures
Twilight Series
Hunger Game Trilogy