Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming Back Soon!

Where Have You Been These Days?
Im in the process of getting back in the writing/blogging groove. ( yes I just said groove like in the Emperor's new Grove hahaha). As of right now I am on hiatus but I will soon be starting up back again next week with upcoming Vampire Academy  Review series  of the books 1-6 . I have seriously fell in love with this series and everything about vampires which would explain all my vampire reads such as Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side I have also been reading.

My Current Projects
You remember my project baby I have been talking about? Well it finally has a name and deals with another obsession/addict  I have. My friend and I are working on it together and it may seem slated for a summer release ( which is a total bummer ). I'm planning some videos for that project which will still be on schedule.

I have a couple of things to revamp on this blog and my youtube channel. Iv been thinking of doing more things on my youtube channel . I prefer to do reviews of  books  on my blog rather than my channel. I have some fun things in store that are book related to post on youtube

Thursday, January 12, 2012

YA Books for $0.99: A Great Deal!


Even while I am typing this post up I am very excited for all these awesome YA titles that are for 0.99 on all the major online bookstores ( itunes, amazon, kobo, and nook) by To be able to get these books you need to at least have an ereader device ( ipad, kindle, nook, kobo, itouch etc) to get them.

I put the links below for Kindle and Nook. Just click on either the picture or the link and it should automatically direct you to the page.

Bumped: here
Entwined: here
Poison:  Deal no longer available :(
Lucky: here
Unidentified: here
Hereafter: here
Withering Tights: here
Vesper: here
Ten Things We Did: here
Unearthly: here

For Itunes/Kobo: You can go to the website and just search for the book you want

Hurry before they are gone!

Hard on which book to choose ? Check my review of Bumped right  here

If you want to see some more  amazing deals on books just go to EpicReads Facebook page and like them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'd Rather Be Reading

"I´d rather be reading"
Source (here)
 One of my favorite pastimes that I like to do is too look at fashion on polyvore for when I make the whole new wardrobe change if it ever happens. Ever since then I have been steadily building up my fashion book filled with outfits I would either love to wear or own and "I'd Rather Be Reading " is definitely something I would love to own and wear. Its gorgeously simple and natural looking . This outfit reminds me of something reminiscent of the early 1900s . As soon as you look at it you can already feel earthy tones and antiquity of this outfit. It makes me want to seriously curl up and read

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Book Blogger Dilemma

I am currently on a book slump, an after effect of being on vacation in the oh so warm sun, I will be back on Jan 16th or so . I am currently in the works for a brand new youtube channel collaboration and we are just in the beginning phases. So this is what I have been focusing on for the past month or so and I can't wait till I show off my new project .

I am still so and so on my current channel weather I want to still continue it to supplement my blog or I should just get rid of it all together? I am still in a dilemma . I really want to focus mainly on my new channel but doing this, reading and reviewing , is my first love.

But then again I really want to branch out to other things as well. As well as life and school its gotten really hard to maintain everything in its rightful place so its been hectic. Sigh I know I have a book blogger dilemma.

So my question is how do you manage with life, work, and school to keep up?

Comment below on your tips and tricks to help me figure this out.