Will be updated soon with a great giveaway!
The following below rules are for all giveaways announced on this blog. All participants that are entered in any of the following giveaways are automatically adhere to these following rules. Anyone that does not adhere to the rules will be at risk of losing the prize or future participation in giveaways on this blog. 

1. You agree to the following set of rules ( Of course!)

2. You must be a follower or participant of this blog

3. You must not make repeated accounts in hopes of getting a prize. You will be found out and will be at risk of losing access to this blog.

4. IF chosen as the winner you will be accounted  to send your information via email to me within 48 hours of the the giveaway winner announcement. I will make an attempt to contact you when the winner is announced after the allotted 48 hours is up then another winner will be chosen. I am really sorry for this but this is to give everyone a fair chance at the giveaway.

5.  If the giveaway prize is not available by the end of the giveaway then I will try and get prize of the same value. If that is not possible I am not liable to get the prize anymore. I will give a giveaway prize ticket that you can redeem later. The winner will email me with the prize that they have chosen of the same value as the original prize.