Review Policy

Current Status:

I am currently accepting books for review( hardcover, paper-books, ARC).
Email me : 

First of all I want to say,  I am greatly honored that you have chosen me to review your book. You can go and check out my about me page here and learn more about me. I would love to get to know you too as well!

Review Policy

I accept either hardcover, paperbacks, or ARCs for review on my blog. I will post reviews on  either my blog, twitter, goodreads, and shelfari, and Amazon. 

Review Process:
1. First you can contact me at:  & title your email "For Review".
Please include the book title, author, and a description.  I will respond with either Accept or Denied within 2 hours of sending the email. 
2. Please give me 24 hours to respond to your email with my shipping details and comments.
3. We will arrange a date for when the review will be published and where it will be published.
4. I receive the book and will send a confirmation that I have received it in the mail.
5. I will of course read the book. It will take me anywhere from one week to three weeks to finish.
6.  Within the month of publication, I will again send a confirmation of the date and my review attached.
7. The Book Review is published! Yay Hooray!

How I Review:
I post the general information as well as the summary of the book. Then  I post a review from my standpoint including what I thought about the overall story and the characters. I will (if you so choose) post a bio of the author on my blog.  I will ( if you so choose ) post the review as well to goodreads and Amazon.

What I Review:
I only  deal with YA fiction. Occasionally I will review an adult novel but nothing with erotica or romance in it.  My favorite genre are YA fantasy, paranormal, fiction, and action and adventure. 

What I Don't Review:
Religious Books
Self Help & How To

I am sorry about this. I don't review these types of books because normally I don't read them and neither do my viewers.

Blog Tours & Interviews: 
I love doing blog tours and interviews. Its mandatory that I read your book first or I wouldn't know what questions to ask now would I? Once you confirm that you want me to participate on your blog tour , I will send an email with a date and option of your choice of what type you want (interview, guest post, or blog tour) . Please also include what date and time your blog tour starts at least one month in advance.

 I reserve the right to:
1. To not accept the book for review.
2. To not review accepted book
3. Reschedule the review for another date or later date. I will contact you
4.There are times when I can't possibly finish a book in time for the review. I will contact you 

Current Stats:
As of right now I have about 20 hits per day. 300+ hits per month. My busiest days(traffic wise) is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I have just started on twitter  (July 2011) with followers of 30+ constantly updating about my book life and books that I enjoy and don't enjoy.