Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming Back Soon!

Where Have You Been These Days?
Im in the process of getting back in the writing/blogging groove. ( yes I just said groove like in the Emperor's new Grove hahaha). As of right now I am on hiatus but I will soon be starting up back again next week with upcoming Vampire Academy  Review series  of the books 1-6 . I have seriously fell in love with this series and everything about vampires which would explain all my vampire reads such as Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side I have also been reading.

My Current Projects
You remember my project baby I have been talking about? Well it finally has a name and deals with another obsession/addict  I have. My friend and I are working on it together and it may seem slated for a summer release ( which is a total bummer ). I'm planning some videos for that project which will still be on schedule.

I have a couple of things to revamp on this blog and my youtube channel. Iv been thinking of doing more things on my youtube channel . I prefer to do reviews of  books  on my blog rather than my channel. I have some fun things in store that are book related to post on youtube

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