Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Preview: Confessions of A PK

Title: Addison Blakely: Confessions of A PK
Author: Bestsy St.Amant
Publisher: Cedar Fort 
Release Date: 1/1/2012

I seriously liked this book. Addison is the daughter of a pastor( also known as a PK aka Pastor Kid) . She has set rules and is an example of Christan faith. She is a top A student with stellar academics and right minded attitude to prove it. She is the “perfect”  Christan girl.

At the age of 16 she has no boyfriend, constantly reads books, and is only allowed to have one “pop” a day. She also is addicted to mocha and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles. She has been under the thump of expectations from her father and the church she literally does not what to think. All her ideas and thoughts are something that Addi should say rather than what she thinks. At the age of sweet 16 you start to learn of something, something called “thinking for yourself”.

Her life seems to start to shatter as she goes through the year. She is dating the town’s bad boy Wes, leather wearing, motorcycling, best person to make out with who also has  awesome tattoos and does not go to church guy. The exact opposite guy she should be dating especially her love stuck friend Luke ( who is a total romantic). She loses her best friend Claire because she told when she bailed out on a science project, somehow got volunteered for fundraiser and not to mention her dad the PASTOR is dating her new and yet fashionable English teacher!

What is a girl going to do? Especially when she feels as if her prayers to God are not getting past her bedrooms Walls?

I loved this book and I loved how the author describes  her characters. I just wanted to add it may not be everyone's cup of tea , but I think everyone should try this book at least once!

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