Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deadly Little Secret Review

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If you like the Twilight or the Pretty Little Liars series  then I defintely recommend this book.

Let me just say here that I am not really a fan of mystery books but Deadly Little Secrets might have just changed my mind.
The book starts off with a almost deadly encounter. Camelia is saved by the  weirdo emo looking guy. Who she claims touches her stomach tenderly. It reminds me of a scene thats in Twilight. Sometimes I really wonder what is up with the trends of our heroine these days....always choosing the bad boy that is misunderstood. As you all may very well know she falls heads over heels for Ben. Ben has killer looks and as the town knows it has killer instincts.

As I was reading. It seemed to emit the usual mystery/suspense criteria. Scary coincidences happening. murder, secret crushes and the like. There are some hilarious conversations that had me chuckling to myself and there was some parts that had me flipping the pages and my heart beating.

The thing is I could never imagine how it would possibly end. Expect the Unexpected I always say.

The Deadly Little Secrets truly surprised me. Its a good book with a hint of something more. I rate this book 3 and half stars.

If you want to read a little teaser of the book you can check it out here 

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