Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Things On My Christmas Wishlist

Things On My Christmas Wishlist

So today we are listing the Top 10 things on my Christmas Wishlist.  It was very hard to choose but I finally lowered it down to my top 10 .Whats on yours?


Sauder 72-1/4"H Antiqued White Finish Library Bookcase 158082

I really love this off white cream book case. Especially since my room color theme is peach and white , it would look wonderful in my room. Plus I'm seriously running out of space with my books. Don't you think its cute?


You're My Destiny/Fated to Love You Dvd Set
I loved watching this whole entire Asian series. It was wonderful and heartwarming.I am not the one to usually reread a book , re-watch a tv series, or redo anything unless its something that is really good. Let me tell you Fated to Love you is better than good, its great! (Sorry Tony the Tiger I stole your catchprhase :P)


The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
I all I have been hearing about is 5 out of 5 stars for this series. I really want to try it out especially with  all the amazing reviews! If you are looking for adventure and something that develops over time then this would be the book for you.
P.S.-Plus the guy on this boxed set is hot.


Pretty Little Liars Boxed Set
 Have you ever watched Pretty Liars on Abcfamily? If you haven't where have you been this past year of 2011? This is one of my favorite shows of 2011 and suprise surprise ....I haven't read the series yet *gasps!*
I know....I Know....but for some reason I have been savoring the tv show more than the book because it provides longer entertainment but I will leave this discussion for later. Soon on the tv show we will know who "A" is......


Pretty Little Liars Dvd Set
 Haha I know I just mentioned the boxed set but when I tell you I love this show. I mean it.


Nintendo 3ds Pink Nintendogs+Cats Bundle
I love anything nintendo. I love cute and furry animals. I love all things that are pink. So what do you get when add all these together? You get the nintendo 3ds nintendogs+ cats Bundle. Nintendo how did you know?


Cute Guinea Pig
 I really want a pet that is warm and breathing ( sorry my fishies!) and guinea pig or a bunny would be great. Its not something I decided at the last minute or anything I've been thinking about for the past year or so. At first I really wanted a rabbit but due to my area but I couldnt due to some restraints. Guinea pigs are the next best things arent they?


Korean Kimchi
Yes I put kimchi here. I Love to watch Asian dramas especially Korean dramas and they have lots of kimchi, I wish I knew how to make it or I could get someone to make it for me.

I found a wonderful resturaunt nearby that has it and I can't wait to go there!


White Ipod Touch 4g
 Now this and # 1 are at a tie. I really need to update   in the ipod department. Its white and has light and nice feel to it. Plus you can watch youtube videos and play games, and even video chat!


Does this really need any explanation? Its a tablet/ereader and its absolutely amazing! Plus it has flash so you can watch and do things online unlike the ipod touch 4g that does not have Adobe flash ( oh why Apple? :()
It would be perfect for school,work, and my entertainment needs

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  1. I just got an ipod touch AND I LOVE IT. If you get one, you will love it, its pretty near.