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Author Interview: Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure by B.K. Bostick

Hi everyone Its Tami here and I just wanted to say I found treasure! What is this treasure I have been hinting  about? Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure is for middle schoolers filled with treasure ( of course!) , danger, and mystery!   I love going on adventures ! Come and find out whats with all my treasure hunting lately with the author of Huber Hill and the  Dead Man’s treasure himself, B.K. Bostick!

( Stay tuned to the end to  find out how to receive your own treasure!)

For my twitter followers could you describe Huber Hill and the Dead Man’s Treasure in 140 characters or less?
 Upon discovering his grandpa's mysterious gold coin and Spanish map, Huber Hill sets off on an adventure to find the Dead Man's Treasure.

Who is Huber Hill? 

Huber is a conglomerate of many boys I've taught and worked with over the years. He's a bit unsure of himself- a "B" student in school and is constantly compared to his brainiac, athletic twin sister. He's constantly lost in thought, but is very determined when he sets his mind to something. Huber is independent and tries to ignore things that bother him. However, he knows he's missing something- he's missing real friendship. When he loses his grandpa who had been filling that void, it indirectly helps him find friendship in the most unlikely of places.
B.K. Bostick Huber Hill does not seem to be your likely protagonist being bullied and all. And not exactly smart for dragging the bully with him on his adventure.  I know sometimes you find  friends in the oddest of places. Did you base Huber’s friendship with Scott with anything from your childhood?
I did. I can't say I was bullied. However, I didn't have any deep friendships with people when I moved to a new school in junior high. After a couple of years of superficial friendships, I ended up being the best of friends with someone my direct opposite- a big, tough, mean guy most people were afraid of. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but we understood each other and are still friends to this day. There was much more to him than met the eye. As a school counselor, I've noticed many kids forge lasting, unlikely friendships. You never know where or when you'll find a friend that will change your life. I tried to convey that with Huber and Scott.

What is the exact folklore behind Dead Mans Treasure ( Or should I call it Tesoro de los Muertos?)
There are many folktales about Spanish explorers searching the southwest and Rocky Mountains for gold. I drew upon books documenting their presence in the west during the 17th and 18th centuries searching for treasure. A couple of books I read are Footprints in the Wilderness and Lost Gold of the Uintahs. There also exists oral histories of the Spaniards clashing with the local Native Americans. My own grandfather shared many of these stories with me. While Dead Man's Treasure doesn't specifically follow any of these oral histories, the story was definitely influenced by them.
There seems to be quite a bit of Spanish in Dead Man’s Treasure.  I swear as I was reading it I learned so much. I think I can call myself a senorita de hablo espanol?  I love the spanish culture! Besides  the fact that Spanish is essential for Dead Man’s Treasure folklore, Is there any other reason you decided to incorporate some of the Spanish culture within Huber Hill?
I also love the Spanish culture. I learned the language when I was younger and try to practice whenever I can. As a teacher, I worked within an international Spanish academy, allowing me to work with teachers who traveled to America from Spain. I hope kids will learn some Spanish from the book or it will at least pique their curiosity. The second book, Huber Hill and the Brotherhood of Coronado (fall, 2012) will actually take place in Spain.

 Dead Man’s Treasure also holds something else . A treasure that could help a person and save a life. I understand from October 1-16 you will be donating all proceeds of your book “Huber Hill and The Dead Man’s Treasure” to Treasure for Alyssa . Who is Alyssa? Whats her story? How can we give treasure to Alyssa?
Alyssa is my twelve year old neighbor who is suffering from a brain tumor. She's endured much more than most people ever will and has done so with a positive attitude and outlook. She is an absolute inspiration to me, personally. To donate, simply pre order Dead Man's Treasure or purchase during the first two weeks of launch. We're also doing a Treasure for Alyssa Fun Run if you're in the Wasatch Front area on Oct. 15. Check out her story and more details about the fundraiser at

 I absolutely adore the trailer for Dead Man’s Treasure. It was gorgeous. I don’t think I have ever seen a trailer or matter of fact a website as beautifully made and professional as yours.  I felt as if I was watching a movie! Where did you get the idea to make your trailer like that? (Look above this post)

Thanks so much for the compliment. I had help! Strillogy did the film work and designed the website. I wrote the script for the trailer based on Huber's grandpa's tale of the Spaniards coming to find gold in his town's backyard. The back story of Dead Man's Treasure is central to everything. It's what drives Huber's actions. I hope it will also pique readers' interests and drive them to find out more about Tesoro de los Muertos. To watch the trailer, go here:

To receive a your very own treasure swag ( a gold coin and a bookmark) you can goto  Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure facebook page  here and just like! If you are not able to do that then just shoot an email to

B.K. BostickB.K. Bostick, author of Dead Man's Treasure, resides among the magnificent Rocky Mountains. In addition to writing, he has spent his career in education. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Utah and his Masters in Psychology from Utah State University. He has worked as a teacher, after school program coordinator, junior high school counselor, and most recently as a teacher mentor for a University. He loves spending time with his lovely wife and two dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys eating cheetos and watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone.

B.K. Bostick (Book Trailer)

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