Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remembering Potter


This week on my blog I will host something called "Remembering Potter" it goes back to my first experiences with the books and how I fell in love them., From the very beginning till when it all ends *sniffs*. I know this is a sorry excuse to hold unto something I grew up but I can't help it. Everyone is welcome to join and comment about their experiences with Harry Potter and how it affected their lives.

So this is how this works:
I will go in chronological order from the 1st book all the way to the 7th Final book of the Harry Potter Series.

Everyone is welcome to participate in  Remembering Potter, just comment and link to your post and I will add you to this post.

I just ask you to give credit where credit is due ( aka either mention readliveplay or link back to this post).

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