Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Read: Legacy by Cayla Kluver

Title: Legacy
Author: Cayla Kluver
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: 6/28/11
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I admit the number one reason why I picked up this book was because of the cover. The girl on the cover is looking so sad while clothed in white. She is sitting at the feet of guilded chair at someone maybe even some man’s feet. As soon as I saw the cover of I thought of submission or a girl in a gilded cage.

Princess Arela is an opinionated head strong character that can’t help but want to be equal in man dominated society. But she can’t alas because she is obviously a girl and apparent heir to the throne. She will be a queen but in this society  which she can not rule, there is  obviously no need for her “opinions” , for the man she is to marry will be king and he will rule in her stead.

Duty or Love?
Love or Duty?

Those are the two words that kept repeating in my head as I read Legacy. Legacy in the most part is romance story between forbidden lovers but is also a story I believe, on finding oneself. From the start you can find Arela disregarding rules that have been set by her father yet when its time to confront him she finds it to difficult.

“Its rather ironic, really,” London persisted. “The Princess can’t see the King without an appointment.
I suspect it would be easier for her to swim the Recorah River than to see her own father on such short notice.

When faced with  duty , love, or even loyalty you can always see her choose duty above all else. She betrays a trusted friend and quite possibly loses the bond in which they share.

You always have a choice

“If it had been my choice, Princess, I would not have.”

“What would have had me do? I went to my father because I could think of no alternative.. IF you know of some other action I could have taken so things would not have reached this end, please share it.”

“You should have come to me,” London said, as if that would clearly have been the logical course.

Another theme that seemed to have appeared numerously throughout the book was the power of choice. Princess Arela in all her decisions within the book always had the power of choice but she doesn't seem to know this or even remember to use it. As a woman she is no power of choice she is subject to male dominance.

Hytanica vs. Cokyrian

“The fighting stopped with no victory for either side and no treaty signed, which means the war could resume just as suddenly as it ended."

Two different cultures, completely opposite worlds. As you go deeper in the book you can feel the hatred between these two very different societies. But how did this hatred start? When will it end?

All I can say is “Takes one to know one”.

My Rating:

Overall I enjoyed Legacy and I think it was great read . I can not wait till the second book comes out. The book was something I could keep pace with but I was not like I was over all running to find out what came next. It was interesting to know of the different societies presented in the book, gender differences , the power choosing has over your future. I loved the setting and the manner of dress description as well.

I rate Legacy by Cayla Kluver:

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