Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember September

Today 10 years ago, the twin towers were hit killing over 2.000 innocent people causing more than 10,000 heartaches, and day we will never forget. 10 years ago I was 9 and I was in class at the time. The science teacher ran in talking about the twin towers getting hit. I remember my father talking about going for a job interview there earlier in the week. I was confused at the time. I remember the radio playing of a supposed plane accident. It killed a lot of people I was scared my dad said he was going for an interview that day right?

I was starting to panic as if I felt a loss. Then my dad came rushing in. Well not rushing in exactly but he was there and that was what mattered. I hugged my dad and he started to break down the news for me. A couple of  minutes later I was at home and sitting in front of tv, watching the events unfold.  Sometimes as I look back on September 11 I think most of all children that lost their fathers or mothers on that day. That was really hit me. I was so close to losing my own dad it hurt.

I am grateful to God because I don't know what I would have done if I had lost my parents on that day. I still pray and will forever pray that somehow and somewhere all wrongs will be righted and somehow God will help compensate what everyone had lost this day.

There is nothing I can say that will ever make this better but I hope if anyone sees this that you will feel my heart  felt sympathies across this page.

Its 9:11 on 9/11/11

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