Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I have Been Reading:September

So every month for now on I will be posting what I have been reading or will read for books. Just to catch up on what books I am into right now and what current reading trend I am into.

September Trend: Werewolves

1.Magyk Septimus Heap, Book 1

 I have been having Harry Potter withdrawl symptoms, ( I have been missing HP) lately and I have been looking for something that could replace the series. I know nothing can replace Harry Potter , but this book one of this Spetimus Heap series came close. Its has the mix of everything and I have been raving on twitter about this book constantly for the month of September.

2. Wolf Mark

If you know me, I have been really into werewolves ever since Maggie Steifvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I hate to say this but I am much as a wolf fanatic as a Twilight fan is to vampires. It involves a boy who has strange marking of a wolf on his wrist . Ohhh! I just recently started reading it and definitely liking where the story is going. It was just released today and if you click the image it will direct you to its page.

3.Prince of Wolves

I have been reading this book since the beginning of September and I really like it. When I say it has the making to be the next Twilight I mean it. This book has potential. Its about a  foreign sexy  werewolf prince who decided to take a break from life and goes across the world to have a "vacation". When he reaches his destination he finds his mate. He is overjoyed but there is one problem, his mate is a human and does not know whats going on. It may be possible she thinks she is having delusions and suffering from psychosis. It turns out there another rival wolf Whats a wolf prince going  to do?

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