Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Iron King Book Review

The Iron King By Julie Kagawa

Have you ever wondered about the mythical stories about magic? What about the Fae? Pixies? Or Gremlins? Story of nightmares and dreams slowly twist themselves into reality. What if they were real and we couldn’t see them? Only children with imagination in which the glamour feeds can see them and  you as well of course if you are one of them. On your sixteen birthday everything changes. What if your whole life was a lie? Your father was not who you thought he was, your little brother is evil, and your best friend is not who you think he is. As a matter fact  that you find out in the process you are not even human at all !

Meghan Chase is in search of something precious to her. Her brother in fact. No not the brother changeling with the sharp teeth and monstrous eating habits  that she has now, but the sweet little boy she loved  named Ethan . She definitely did not  want to keep the this thing  left in Ethan’s place. That thing BITES.

Meghan Chase with the help of her best friend who turns out to be the legendary Puck from Legends, go out into the faery world to rescue her brother. When she gets there she bites off more than she can chew. Her father is King Oberon and her evil step mother  i( that hates her guts )  is Queen Mab. She quickly falls for the enemy's son as well. Turns out that her brother is being held by someone or something that can destroy both her new found identity and what she has formerly known and loved. She is the only one that can take the stand for all of the faery world  but how can she do that when she only came for one reason, to save her brother. How did saving her brother turn into something bigger? Meghan Chase is here to save the faery world and she has no choice.

What I Thought About This Book:

I have always loved books involving folklore. There is a particular drama that was called “Glass Mask” that I loved that involved an actress's trying to bring the world as it sees fit unto the stage. There was a particular episode where she has to be Puck and bring is magic and micheviouness unto the stage.  This is what this book reminds me of. I love books where the main character enters into a magical realm ( thus  a Harry Potter fan holla!). Not only did Julie Kagawa brought me into magical realm , I felt I was truly inside. All the rules  and customs felt of a different world, I felt as if I was there. Meghan Chase is a strong character  she forces Puck to take her into the faery world and then leads on a hunt for her brother in both opposing courts of the Seelie (summer) and Unseelie (winter), not even trying to look back. Meghan is a character with a purpose and I think for the most part she sticks to it. I like that she is trustworthy and always keeps to her word.  Even though in the setting of the book she is frail creatures that would never amount to anything ,she plays the strongest and most important role. In comparison to Meghan everyone including ice freezing queen, lightning throwing , and even gremlins, she is best of them all . its quite funny that everyone always asks for help when she should be the one that is helpless.

Favorite Character in The Iron King:
Puck!!! Puck !!! Puck!!! Did I say Puck? Yes its Puck!

Thou speak'st aright;
I am that merry wanderer of the night.
I jest to Oberon and make him smile
                                      A Midnight Summer’s Dream

Puck has always been my favorite character of all time. He is mischievous,the constant joker in the faery world. The thing about Puck it seems for the most part that its all a facade. He is serious and dangerous at the same time. He uses the facade that he is always joking, to trick people to fall into false sense of confidence around him.  I think he needs this to survive in the world of the fae  especially as Oberon servant.  In this world stupidity and gullibility can get you killed. Its the place where a lie can not be told but the truth never holds.


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