Thursday, July 14, 2011

Julie Kagawa's Live Special Event Recap

Yesterday I attended the livestream event hosted by Julie Kagawa and Harlequin Book on their livestream. She answered questions and even read a chapter from the her fourth book called the Iron Knight (Ash  pov just sounds amazing). There was a giveaway of the Arc of the Iron Knight there as well and a winner was announced.

Something that has been on everyone's minds is "Is there going to be another book?" and Julie answered our questions. Not only one but two series are coming out in the year 2012!

The first one which  is a  spinoff of the Iron Fey series with Ethan Meghan Chase step brother as the main character. We dont know the official name of the book yet but I can't wait!

The other book series announced was "Immortal Rules" . Its post-apocalyptic vampire series and it sounds interesting. I know its from Julie Kagawa and I know it will wholly original and not cliche that vamperism (is that a word?)  has become lately.

You can check out a recap of her live stream at this link here:
You can check out her blog at:

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