Friday, July 8, 2011

Delirium Book Review

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

“ Love is a Disease”

Have you ever heard that saying? Love affects you in all types of ways, from your thinking habits to your eating habits, sometimes you can even  just “tell” someone is in love just from their appearance and the way they speak. Love is a disease that worms  its way into your heart and changes you in ways you can’t even imagine.

In this new society created in Portland. Love is a disease that is dangerous and can kill. A cure has been found and will lead the world to peace and happines. For if there is no love, there is nor hate as well, no jealous, no anger, and no fear. In this society there is no love.

Lena Halloway is a teenager that has not be cured of amor deliria nervosa, the love disease. You dont usually get cured until your 18th birthday and she has exactly 95 days till her procedure where she will be evauated, paired for marraige, and given rules and regulations to follow by. She fenced neatly into the same routine over and over again.  Lena is glad she is because she has dark little secret of her own. A secret where people costantly whisper behind her back. This secret is actually a great shame on the family and no one tries to talk about it.

Many people are afraid of the procedure. Some people even resist. But I’m not afraid. I can’t wait. I would have it done tomorrow if I could.....
Lena Halloway

Its by chance she meets her salvation in the form of a boy, a boy named Alex who  she shouldnt be seeing, dating , nether the less even touching! Alex opens up her eyes and she sees the world she lives in , in a new light. She learns to the true meaning of love , family, and sacrifice.

Favorite Character in Delirium

This is Alex in my head.
Alex glances at me. “Thats poetry,” he says.

He takes a step forward and kisses my forehead softly. “ I love thee to the level of every day’s most quiet need....”

My favorite character would have to be Alex. I like the way he just “feels” in the book as if he is vivid  colors of the fiery red  in the grey world of Delirium. He brings everything to life. I also loved how Lauren the author, throws in his love of books for a good measure. Especially his love of poetry . Who can resist a hottie that reads  and quotes poetry right?


  1. interesting. cure for love disease!! nice.

  2. Yes thats all I could think of while reading this book. Love is a disease its there truly a cure for it? How can you possibly stop love?