Monday, July 11, 2011

Musing Mondays-July 11

This week’s musing asks…
Do you think it makes you NOT (or less) “well-read” if there are certain genres that you won’t read because you KNOW you won’t enjoy them? Why?
"Well-Read" in accordance to, is being  having read widely and intelligently; erudite ( "erudite" at least I know where that term came from in Divergent...). It doesn't mean that I as a reader, or any of our population, needs to stereotype a certain genre to be considered "well-read". I don't have to necessarily read all the works of Shakespeare and give a literary critique review to sound intelligent and to be considered well read.
My  love of books span different types of genre. I love YA ( and the community here) , fantasy, historical romance, adventure, and actually just realized I like modern fiction as well ( surprise surprise). I think I read mostly based on my mood . Its like when you pick out what you want to eat for dinner and just say I don't feel like having steak for dinner "Can I have a Caeser Salad instead?". Yes as I type this I am very hungry,
Ooh Yummy food.!!!
Despite the fact of how I choose my books is similar to how I order my dinner, I still consider myself "well-read".  It does not have to be a certain genre that you read that makes you sound intelligent. Its really comes up to you , as the reader in the end. What did you actually feel from the book after reading it? Where you full? Or did you think the book need something extra ? Like spice or pepper? Was it good? Did it leave a good impression?
If you can answer yes to all of these you can gladly consider self "well-read" and as well as "well-fed".
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  1. hey, what is wrong with Shakespeare?? lol
    I think a lot of the "classics" are just really, really good stories and we should not skip them just because we don't 'have' to read them like we did in school.

  2. I love the food analogy! It was perfect (and now I'm starving thanks lol) I agree that we need to feed our personal hunger and not worry about what others think we should be indulging in.

    Here's my MM:

  3. LOL Love the analogy.

    Here's mine: