Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Book Tag!

Yay for Book Tags! I have always loved watching book tags videos and now I finally answered one. You can check out the questions below and do your own. Happy Book Tagging!

A Book Tag- I saw elizziesbooks do this on youtube.

1. Fav genre
2. Must-have books
3. Most expensive books you own
4. What book do you covet the most?
5. Fav author - name up to 3
6. How much do you spend on books?
7. Fav bookstores
8. What do you think of the current YA trend (Greek myths)?
9. Name a series you wish had more books
10. Go-to books you will always have
11. Books currently in your bag/purse
12. Most prized book in collection
13. Types of non-fiction on your shelf

I TAG everyone. You and you and you!

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