Monday, July 25, 2011

Musing Mondays: July 25

This week’s musing asks…
Do you need to have your owned books out where you can see them, or are you okay with them being stored away?

I absolutely loved to see my books but tbere are times where its just not possible. Space is a very big issues with me. I think between the bookish people currently living in the house I don't know which one has more books or who takes up more space. I have books on my small bookshelf filled to the brim, on my work desk, under my bed, in the garage, in the small office area, even on my bed!

As you can see I really am running out of room for books. I do plan in the future when I move to have my own cozy room only for reading, my books, the internet, and some other crafts. But till then I am just going to have to manage.

I put books all around my house in the order that I read. Books I am currently reading are on my bed or near it, Books that are my favorite are on my bookshelf. College books are on my personal desk. All other books are everywhere else. 

Musing Mondays is weekly book meme hosted by Miz be on her blog


  1. Yes, my books are also pretty much everywhere :)

    here's mine:

  2. from time to time I try to organize them all. It works for awhile, then chaos reigns again..

  3. I know sometimes its a clutter mess!