Thursday, July 21, 2011

Secret Society Girl Book Review

Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund

Living the college life, partying, finals, and looking for jobs. That's the the true of essence of college is it not? What happens when you get out of college? Isnt life just the same? Well for  Amy who is of the elite students at the Eli University & the editor-in-chief of Eli literary magazine, there is something more than just sororities planned on her mind. She has the perfect group to join and the perfect internship over the summer and shes practically a shoo in for the sorority she wants as well. There is only one problem a secret society wants her to join them. There is no problem at all right? I guess if it wasnt for the fact its an All BOYS ( Men I should really say hot sexy men) society! What a girl going to do with all this testosterone running rampant?

It took me awhile to get used to the book. Majority of the book (about 75%) was about the intiation process and personally got my tired after awhile( I swear I fell asleep!) I was really debating if this book was my cup of tea to read at first but I decided to dig on and I was awarded with a gem of a story. I learned to like Amy more and outright personality and how she never claims she is perfect unlike the stereotyping of sorority girls out there. She admits he weaknesses and her fears as well , as her imperfections.

I liked the modern writing of this story. It was humorous, it was in fact real. This book did not try to “fairytale” anything about life * despite being recruited by all men fictional secret society) and how Amy lived. She kept to the truth and I liked how she never tried lying to herself and was logical the whole entire time.

Even though it takes awhile for you to get into the story, I think overall Secret Society Girl is an ok read and I rate " Secret Society Girl" 3 stars out of 5.

Favorite Character in the Book

I think of all my favorite character in the book would have to be the rich and spoiled princess Clarissa. Despite having all the fortune she could ever want and fame.Clarissa lives the seemingly perfect life .She has problems and she is not afraid to admit them. She is truthful even though you know sometimes the truth hurts. I love her fashion sense and how she just radiates confidence with everyone. Clarissa also has other sides to her, such as being kind, courageous,  and standing up for what she truly believes in. I think she is the true heroine in this story.

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